Our company is a privately held, fully integrated real estate company, ranging from acquisition to property management. Our expertise includes maintenance, leasing, and sales of apartments, townhomes, condominiums, retail, and office space in Central Ohio, Manhattan and its metropolitan area, including Jersey City.

Our #1 priority is to place your needs first. We have a proven track record of helping our clients reduce the costs and risks associated with their real estate transactions. Our agents and managers will partner with you – investing the time and resources to learn your business and fully understand your specific goals and needs.

The company’s success is a result of our “hands-on” service and an attention to detail. We invite you to experience our service by contacting one of our offices to speak with our team members.

We provide these services for all types of commercial property, such as: multifamily, retail, office, condominium and homeowner association management. Our affiliated companies and offices included:

Ohio: Spring Property Management

Main Office: 
            4066 Greensview Drive, Powell, Ohio 43065

Tel: (614)791-1490

Fax: (614)791-1535

Other Office:
            Emerald Lakes:           4600 Emerald Lakes Blvd., Powell, OH 43065
            Gorden Farms:            7200 Gorden Farms Parkway, Dublin, OH 43016 
            Heritage Glen:             3351 Heritage Glen South Drive, Grove City, OH 43123
            Vistas Office:              1900 Southwind Drive, Powell, OH 43065
            Waterford Pointe:       5750 Feder Road, Columbus, OH 43228

 New Jersey: Acropolis Commercial and Service Realty

Acropolis Spring Management (Detailed page is coming soon...)
            238 Main Street, Unit 105, Hackensack, NJ 07086
            Tel: 516-500-8087

New York
: Encore Spring Realty

324 East 73rd Street, Manhattan, NY 10021
            Tel: 516-500-8087  

Company History

The company was formed in 2005. Over the last few years, the company has experienced exponential growth in the Central Ohio real estate market. From a single office in 2009, our company has grown into a company consisting of several offices that oversee thousands of luxury, Class A and B condominiums and apartments, retail and office buildings. Our Company operates and manages our property portfolio of both owned and managed properties including Homeowner Associations, Apartment Complexes, Office and Retail buildings.

As president of the company, Jeva Lin has been the results-driven force behind the success of the company. After earning a MBA degree, she gained business experience by owning and operating several Chinese restaurants, acting as the controller for a large boat manufacturer, leading the Sarban Oxley audit team during Y2K, and jumping into the commodity trading floor for a Fortune 500 company during the market crash.

During the subprime loan crisis, she began purchasing properties while the pricing was abnormally low. Her aggressive work ethic and her discerning eye for quality investments helped her differentiate between the best properties to purchase, and those to avoid. Her attention to detail has resulted in making our company one of the best property management companies operating in Central Ohio.

In 2014, the company made its first move into the Manhattan real estate market by purchasing a beautiful five-story mixed use building on the Upper East Side, followed by a second in 2015, and two buildings in Jersey City in 2016. Jeva Lin plans to purchase additional properties and to expand the property management business in Manhattan and Jersey City, which is part of New York Metropolitan area.

The question we sometimes hear is, "Why Manhattan?"  The Columbus market has been targeted by REITS, Nationwide Insurance Company, and The Ohio State University for the construction of new real estate. This has resulted in properties demanding a 5 cap rate. We therefore anticipate limited market appreciation over the next few years. The explosion of new construction in Columbus will result in another market correction within a few years. When that occurs, it will once again be a good time to acquire properties in Columbus. In the meantime, investing in Manhattan, at similar cap rates, will create a better return in the form of appreciation, than will Columbus, Ohio.

We are currently concentrating on building a successful brokerage firm, implementing our effective property management strategy, creating a substantial investor pool, training key personnel, and partnering with existing New York and New Jersey professionals with local real estate knowledge and experience. Our goal is to become a strong and positive force for owners and investors in the Manhattan market and its metropolitan area within a few years.

In all, our company has brokered and managed the total of $200M worth of real estate properties as of 2016 in Central Ohio, Manhattan, and New Jersey.